Noah Drake

My name is Noah Drake. I’m a recent grad of the College of Charleston working as a software engineer for Tata Consultancy Services. This blog documents what I learn as I explore different programming languages, computer science concepts, and side projects. I have also documented my work on Squid 3, a geochronological data processing software developed by Dr. Jim Bowring and his research lab CIRDLES.

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A bit more about me…

  • I code in Java, Python, and JavaScript.
  • I have experience developing web applications, desktop applications, scientific computing applications, and REST APIs. I have also written some web scraping and machine learning programs.
  • My primary interest and experience is in developing desktop and web applications, but I would also love to work more with embedded systems and microcontrollers.
  • I’m an avid gamer. In college, I played with club team to compete against other colleges in competitive gaming. I also love music, but I stopped playing a long time ago.
  • I love to read about history. I also got a degree in history from college.

Projects and Contributions

Blog posts

Blog posts I make for anything I find interesting in programming or computer science. I have posts on some of the work I did my last year getting my B.S as well as my current endeavors…

LeetCode: Add Two Numbers and Using Static Blocks to Help print Recursive Solutions

I ran into a problem doing a LeetCode challenge in Java the other day. I could see that the solution was best solved with recursion, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to print the solution as the recursive method was executing. I remembered that using a static block in a Java class makes it soContinue reading “LeetCode: Add Two Numbers and Using Static Blocks to Help print Recursive Solutions”

CSCI 462: Meeting Charleston

For this assignment, I attended the alumni symposium, where former students of the Department of Computer Science speak about their experiences getting a job and working in the field. Everyone who came seemed to be glad that they were there, and I enjoyed hearing about all their experiences. Most importantly, everyone did a great jobContinue reading “CSCI 462: Meeting Charleston”

CSCI 462: Reflections on Chapter 9

This chapter of Allen Tucker’s Client-Centered Software Development got me thinking about a lot of aspects of software deployment that I’d never really considered before. The dynamic of working with the client and the hosting service to try to negotiate the best means of integrating the software into the client’s website or web service wasContinue reading “CSCI 462: Reflections on Chapter 9”

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