Noah’s Blog

My name is Noah Drake. Currently, I’m senior at the College of Charleston pursuing degrees in computer science and history and seeking a career in software engineering. This blog documents what I learn as I explore different programming languages, computer science concepts, and side projects. I also document my work on Squid 3, a geochronological data processing software developed by CIRDLES. The program is run by Dr. Jim Bowring, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the College of Charleston.

GitHub LinkedIn Handshake Email: drakenoah98@yahoo.com

A bit more about me…

  • I am currently 22 years old, born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • I like to program in Java and Python mostly, but I want to learn more about other languages, particularly C++ and JavaScript.
  • I want to make technology work for people, not against them. Making money can be good, but not at all costs…
  • Squid 3 is used by geologists to analyze and perform calculations on results retrieved from the SHRIMP mass spectrometer. I currently work with features relating to the XML documents used for sharing these calculations.
  • The projects I currently maintain on my own can be seen via the link below and on GitHub.
  • In my spare time, I love to play video games. I also compete on behalf of the CofC Esports Club against other college teams for scholarship money.


Stuff I’m up to

CSCI 462: Introduction

Hello all, I am happy to begin our capstone this semester! I don’t have any plans in particular for what I would like to work on or what team I will be working with. I do know that I would like to work with a programming language I already have experience with, such as JavaContinue reading “CSCI 462: Introduction”

CSCI 362 HW21: Chapter 24

24.6: Explain why program inspections are an effective technique for discovering errors in a ¬≠program. What types of error are unlikely to be discovered through inspections? Inspections are effective because they ensure the code is meeting the software specification. A big part of why inspection can be so effective is because it is a collaborativeContinue reading “CSCI 362 HW21: Chapter 24”

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