My name is Noah Drake, a senior at the College of Charleston pursuing degrees in computer science and history and seeking a career in software engineering. I want to make this blog and document what I learn as I explore different programming languages, computer science concepts, and side projects. I also want to make posts on my work with Squid 3, a piece of software developed by CIRDLES. The program is run by Dr. Jim Bowring, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the College of Charleston.

GitHub LinkedIn Handshake Email: drakenoah98@yahoo.com

A bit more about me…

  • I am currently 21 years old, born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • I like to program in Java and Python mostly, but I want to learn more about C++ and JavaScript.
  • I have a vested interest in making technology work for people, not against them. Making money is good, but not at all costs…
  • Squid 3 is used by geologists to analyze and perform calculations on results retrieved from the SHRIMP mass spectrometer. I currently work on the XML documents used for sharing these calculations.
  • The projects I currently maintain on my own can be seen via the link below and on GitHub.
  • At the College of Charleston, I am pursuing both a Computer Science B.S and a History B.A. I’ve had a lot of studying to do sometimes, but I don’t regret my decision to pursue both degrees. I really enjoy learning about the history of ideas, especially as they have led up to the development of computer science as we know it today.
  • In my spare time, I love to play video games and even compete recreationally with the CofC Esports Club against other college teams for scholarship money.


Stuff I’m up to

CSCI 362 HW16: Chapter 20

20.10: You work for a software company that has developed a system that provides information about consumers and that is used within a SoS by a number of other retail businesses. They pay you for the services used. Discuss the ethics of changing the system interfaces without notice to coerce users into paying higher charges.Continue reading “CSCI 362 HW16: Chapter 20”

CSCI 362 HW15: Chapter 19

19.3: Why is it impossible to infer the emergent properties of a complex system from the properties of the system components? As was mentioned in the reading, any kind of system is more than the sum of its parts. Because a system is characterized by how separate components (be it software, humans, or rules andContinue reading “CSCI 362 HW15: Chapter 19”

CSCI 362 HW14: Chapter 18

18.4: Define an interface specification for the Currency Converter and Check credit rating services shown in Figure 18.7 Currency Conversion Service Credit Rating Service

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